• Protein and Recovery

    Protein and Recovery
    The Science Behind Protein: How much should you consume to optimise recovery? Dr. Crionna Tobin, PhD , Optimum Nutrition In-house Nutrition Expert Protein plays a vital role in facilitating muscle growth while also plays an important part in the optimal repair and recovery of the muscle after exercise. How does protein support recovery? Each time you exercise your muscle is damaged to some extent...
  • What's in a Pre Workout?

    What's in a Pre Workout?
    We’ve all been there. You arrive at the gym exhausted after a long day of work. Motivation is lacking. Some simple techniques to encourage you to work out include making sure you change into your workout gear before leaving the office, recruiting a workout buddy & always remember why you started. When it comes to nutrition, a healthy balanced diet that includes adequate hydration...
  • Why Choose Casein?

    Why Choose Casein?
    Five key facts about the benefit of Casein from the brand that first brought Micellar Casein to the market in a convenient format back in 2005 with GOLD STANDARD 100% CASEIN. 1. Casein makes up the majority of protein found in milk. 2. Whereas whey is a fast digesting protein, casein is slower digesting than whey. Casein & Whey protein complement each other within...
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